“I met Kevin Wade Inge when he came in to play pedal steel and electric sitar on a few tracks on my first album. He had barely heard the songs before, but came up with the perfect way to compliment them almost immediately. It was tasteful and soulful, and he adapted his own style to mine with ease and grace. He was very professional and easy to work with, and found a way to not only fit me into his busy schedule with little notice, but really made my songs come alive in a way that was better than I had imagined. He is a top shelf musician!” – Dorthia Cottrell

“Kevin is the best of the best and truly a Swiss Army knife master of too many instruments and musical styles to count. Having him contribute even the smallest amount to any of my/our songs, whether live or in the studio, without fail makes them complete and ultimately better.” – Rob Huddleston

“Kevin Wade Inge is THE session man on my last record: piano, organ, electric guitar, harmony vocal
–he is a total pro with a huge wheel house. He presents well constructed accompaniment ideas, which underline his on-point musicality. He demonstrates a nuts and bolts knowledge of his instruments, as well as recording studio know-how. Most impressive of all is his ability to shoot from the hip and adapt to creative ideas while in the hot seat. His contributions really make the record something special. He is 100% someone I want on board for my next recording project!” – Jonathan Vassar

“Kevin joined me in the studio to record pedal steel and organ on a recent project. He is an incredible player and an awesome guy to work with. Every session with Kevin went smoothly and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Looking forward to having him on many future projects.” – Chris Leggett

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